Artists unveil video projects at Newfields

With its swirling colors and forms, “Monet & Friends Live” invites guests to the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields to immerse themselves in the ideas and imagery of the Impressionist painters.

To accompany the bombastic experience as part of THE LUME Indianapolis, a group of Indiana-based digital artists have created works to further get people thinking about art.

“I wanted it to be something you could move into, experience and guide yourself through it, and not feel like you’re just watching something you’d see on TV,” said Charlie Borowicz, a multidisciplinary artist and one chosen for the project.

The commissioned artists have each created a three minute, immersive, visual and audio digital media experience that will accompany “Monet & Friends Alive.” The featurettes are standalone digital artworks, showing before and after the main immersive display, and can be seen through early 2024.

To celebrate their work, museum has planned a series of launch parties take a deep dive into each work and explore THE LUME Indianapolis after hours with family and friends.

First up is Borowicz and the unveiling of his work, “Semblant.”

“I wanted this to be something where you enter, and some parts feel more video-centric. But then you also have these spaces that are more mellow — they stay on the same imagery,” he said. “You can be a little more meditative about it and decide where you want to go.”

Borowicz has worked for about 20 years as a multidisciplinary artists exploring solo and collaborative efforts in photo, video, sound and 3D animation. When the opportunity to create a piece for THE LUME Indianapolis came about, he was in the middle of a three-part series of videos looking at things that seem separate, but are really the same.

“Semblant” is an immersive video exploring these dichotomies, such as when does the ordinary become fantastic or where does acceptance become control.

“It’s something I’ve been working on for quite a while. Especially with newness or perfection that we see in the works, vs. normalcy. Where does one end and the other begin?” he said.

Borowicz’s hope is as people leave with a different perspective on how they look at the world.

“I hope that they leave with an appreciation of looking at things a little bit differently — maybe looking at things in a way where you can see relationships that maybe aren’t the first thing that jump out,” he said.

The launch party for “Semblant” will be 6 to 8 p.m. Friday at THE LUME Indianapolis on the top floor of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Light hors d’oeuvres will be provided, and Café Lumiére — THE LUME’s recreation of a French cafe — will be open. Tickets to the launch party is $22 for Newfields members and $29 for the public.

Upcoming parties include a launch for “Reverie Garden” by Indianapolis artists Jessica Dunn and Landon Caldwell on April 7, and “Into the Latent Space” by Bloomington’s Brian Trippi on April 14.

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